We’re often asked the following questions, and thought you should know too!

We do weddings, corporate events, commercials, recitals, meetings, music videos, and so much more.

We just supplied AOPA Air Safety Foundation with video of a certain aircraft flying for their use in air safety. Before that we did a wedding and just before that we completed one of our Church Starter Clips.

Be sure they see in their mind the same picture as you for what you want as a final product.

When we film a wedding there is always two or three people there with their smart phones out filming it also. Our magic happens in the editing room. That is where it goes from a home movie to a video production.

Be sure what you are getting for your money. I did a dance recital last summer and when I delivered the DVDs, they couldn’t believe they were in cases and labeled. They said the man that did it before gave them DVDs in paper sleeves and the only thing on the disc label was his name and phone number.

We try to entertain. Even if its a wedding video, people have got to feel entertained to watch it over again. When we deliver the finished product we want you to be proud to show it. Again and again.

Creating something special everytime we put a camera on a tripod or set down at the editing computer. If it is special to you, don’t hire someone who thinks any less of it.

If we will film certain things and our answer is, “We are a Christian based company, and if it does not go against those principals, then yes”. Also about price. Every client is different with different wants. Lets sit down and see what those wants are and then give you a price. We will try to work in your budget.

In filming Race with Destiny we went to North Carolina to interview Richard Petty. Me and my daughter (who is my partner) were waiting in his office when he drove up and Vickie went nuts. The secretary said, “Calm down. He’s just a man.” By the way, when we set the cameras up and the interview started, she was all professional.

We are a small company and use a lot of free lance help, but when we talk to a costumer, we are trying to find a way to do what they want in the budget they have laid out without giving up quality or value.

I would love to take a blank piece of paper and a paint brush and create a masterpiece, but I can’t. I can take a camera and shoot from this angle or that and set down at my computer (my blank page) and edit it into something everyone likes. Create something wonderful from nothing but an idea.

Don Richardson has wrote many books, including “The Piece Child”. He tells a story about how our lose in Viet Nam won the war against communism. If you want to see a room full of grown men crying, watch him tell this in a VFW meeting. We did the documentary DVD that he sales at Don Richardson Book Sales. Of course our Race with Destiny DVD got us started and we never dreamed it would go the way it has, so it has to be on this list also.

Blue Ray and 1080 High Def is the hot stuff right now. There is a larger digital video right around the corner though.

We did a Christmas DVD called “Santa’s 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar”. It’s a DVD you put in your player and a calendar shows on you screen. You click on the date and up pops a short movie from the North Pole about how to celebrate Christmas on this day. We took about a year and a half to film it, and the total cost was around $10,000.

Our desire to create a product that we are proud to put our name on.

There are so many different parts of production, that we are constantly learning something new or looking at new equipment. Improving is a never ending battle.