Church Starter Clips


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The Sacrifice

The perfect start for an Easter Service, or any holiday. We know Abraham

took Isaac up the hill to be a sacrifice, but it wasn’t his son that was sacrificed.

It was Gods. Jesus was the sacrifice for us all.


Credit Score

When you go to the bank do you worry that your credit score may not be

enough for you to get a loan? What if it was like this getting into Heaven?

Would you make it? There is a way. None of us have enough score.



Small sins happen in the world and we say,”Nobody got hurt.” But that just

isn’t true. Someone had to pay the price for the sin you committed, and that

price was death.

Missed Chances

God uses us to tell others His message. Then as they learn and accept Him

they tell others. Wouldn’t you hate to know God had you in mind to talk to

your best friend, and you never did, and they never came to know Christ.



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