Ken Moore Production Video and Studio Services

Our Video Production Services also include:

  • Filming and Video Recording
  • Video Editing
  • Duplicating
  • Graphics
  • Sound and Voice-Over Services
  • Green Screen Space Rental

We have a full video production studio and can shoot anything in front of our large 30ft. green screen. We also have one of the largest green screen in Augusta. Several video recording sets have been built and designed right here in our studio. 

Videos for all of YOUR Production Needs! Including DVD & Blu-Ray Formats. Our Services Are Ideal For

Website Video

Website Videos by Ken Moore Production

Did you know that adding video to your website will capture and keep your audience more than words and pictures. In fact videos can increase conversion rates by at least 20%.  Include videos on your website, email and social media marketing.

Promotion & Advertising

Nothing says promotion like a great video that will make your brand shine and attract your ideal client while increasing your sales and maximizing your advertising dollars.  Let Ken Moore Promotions create the perfect promotional video for you!


Ken Moore Productions Video Entertainment

Let us help you make the perfect entertainment video.  Whether funny, joyful, or celebration our entertainment video options are sure to provide the perfect entertainment you're looking for!

Press & Media Kit

Ken Moore Productions Video for Media and Press

Did you know that you can really impress your audience by not only submitting the traditional paper press release and kit, but do so with an interactive video that will make you stand out!


Ken Moore Productions Video for Presentation

Our videos will make your presentation memorable so that your clients will remember you and move you in the right direction of achieving your goals.

Tradeshow & Product Demos

Ken Moore Productions Video for Tradeshows and Events

What better way to demo your products at tradeshows, presentations and websites than video.  Capture your audience with an interactive video, appeal to 2 of their senses at one time, both hearing and viewing.

Our Video Production Services Are Perfect for...

  • Weddings
  • Church
  • Office & Business Meetings
  • Local Events
  • High School & College Sporting Events
  • Recital Hall
  • Trade Shows
  • Convention Centers
  • Seminars
  • Commercials

Why Choose KenMooreProduction

Why use Ken Moore Productions

Our #1 priority is YOU!  At Ken Moore Productions, we take a personal approach to our work, getting to know YOU first and your specific video needs. We pride ourselves in bringing an entertainment value to your production, creating a quality product coupled with a memorable experience that will be enjoyed time and again.

How much does it cost?

Since our productions are designed around YOU and YOUR needs,  production costs will vary from client to client.  We take an individual pride in working towards a budget that is affordable, and without sacrificing quality, you will find our pricing competitive.  For example, our wedding production services begin at just $750 and we offer a variety of additional amenities from which to choose.

Do you need actors, speaking talent or script writing services?

At Ken Moore Productions we are proud to have a variety of entertainment talent available to further enhance the quality of your production.

Need specialty background music, sound effects or video clips?

Ken Moore Productions is licensed by a number of entertainment organizations to provide you with the resources to help bring your production to life!

What about graphic design?

Ken Moore Productions utilize an in-house team of graphic designers to create and produce a wide variety of print materials to enhance the quality of your individual or business needs to include brochures, business cards, stationary, rack cards, posters, book covers and much more!